First Authorized Nick Drake Biography Coming This Fall, Features Unreleased Music

Nick Drake made some truly beautiful music in his 26 years on earth, and it feels like his cult has grown every year since his 1974 death. Now Exclaim! reports that Drake’s family and estate have put together Nick Drake: Remembered For A While, the first-ever authorized biography of the man. From all available evidence, it’ll be less of a biography, though, and more of an ephemera-crammed coffee table book. Drake’s sister Gabriela put the book together, and it includes new photos, handwritten lyrics, unearthed documents, and interviews with various people who were close to Drake. Perhaps most intriguingly, the book will come with a 10″ record that will include unreleased Drake recordings that he did for a Peel Session in 1969. Can you believe there are still unreleased Nick Drake recordings? In this case, the record will have performances of his songs “Time of No Reply,” “River Man,” “Three Hours,” “Bryter Layter,” and “Cello Song.” Below, look at a preview video.

The book will ship in November, and you can pre-order it here.

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