Daniel Lanois Announces Streaming Service For Rare, Artist-Owned Recordings

Pretty soon, Neil Young’s Pono will get some competition in the “streaming service started by a music legend” department. The term “legend” might actually be a little extreme for Daniel Lanois, but the producer has become famous for working on iconic albums with people like U2 and Bob Dylan, so he’s a big deal. And next year, Lanois will launch Uprise.FM, a new streaming service devoted to artist-owned recordings, many of them from outside the album-release cycle. In a press release, Lanois says, “It’s time for a streaming service that is centred around and driven by the artist community directly. Artists are prolific beyond a new recording every two years. They perform, tour, record, and collaborate constantly. Uprise.FM will not only make these rare and unique recordings available, we will ensure that the artists are fairly compensated for this work.” Lanois will serve as the service’s Creative Director and Chief Music Curator, and you can learn more about the endeavor here.