New Foo Fighters Album May Look And Sound Like This

The Foo Fighters’ eighth album is on the way, supposedly due on November on RCA/Roswell, and the band recorded its eight songs in the famous studios of eight different cities, with famous local guests sitting in on all of them. The album will also be the subject of Sonic Highways, the band’s new HBO show. But even though we know all this, there are some crucial details that haven’t yet been unveiled: Cover art, album title, the way the damn thing might sound. Well, the band might be dropping some hints on all of those things. As Exclaim! reports, the band recently shared the artwork above, which may or may not be the album cover. The image features landmarks from all eight cities, and it also has the number eight hidden a few times, fueling speculation that the album is called 8. (It’s the band’s eighth album, recorded in eight cities, has eight songs, etc.) And in other news, the band has shared eight mysterious seconds of audio, which you can hear below.

So: Someone screaming the word “arise” in Rock Voice! Is it possible that the entire album will sound like mid-period Sepultura? How badass would that be? The band will share some kind of big announcement on Monday, when they will sadly probably debunk my Sepultura theory.

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