Check Out Grimes’ Rodarte Playlist Feat. The Cranberries, Roy Orbison, & J.Lo

There are a lot of different facets to Grimes and her whole project, but one of those facets is this: She is going to convince you, no matter how hard you might fight it, that pop music is awesome. To that end, she will confront you with the things you think you hate, and she will either convince you to like it or to hate her. Her (great) single “Go” might be the single most divisive thing that happened on Stereogum this summer, at least until I gave Album Of The Week to Kix, but you can’t say you weren’t warned, since she was playing Taylor Swift and the Vengaboys in a Boiler Room DJ set last year, and repping for Mariah Carey in interviews long before that. Grimes is one of several indie luminaries who has given a playlist of music to the cooler-than-thou fashion label Rodarte, and hers is a thing of beauty: Selena Gomez! The Cranberries! Jennifer Lopez! J-pop weirdo princess Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! Daddy Yankee! Late-’80s Roy Orbison! Donna Lewis’s beautifully frothy “I Love You Always Forever”! There is at least a 40% chance that I will just have her YouTube playlist on repeat all day. And the poptimism virus is spreading, since Kim Gordon starts off her playlist with two Iggy Azalea songs, and No Age guitarist Randy Randall kicks off his with solo David Lee Roth. Check out those three playlists below.




(via Dazed Digital)

I am seriously burying my head in shame for not already having “I Love You Always Forever” on my hard drive.