Watch A Clip From Kanye West’s Unreleased “Robocop” Video

Kanye West is very serious when it comes to matters of quality control; as far as I know, he’s the only artist who has ever scrapped a Michel Gondry video. His 2008 LP 808s & Heartbreaks, quietly one of the most influential albums of the past decade, yielded a few big singles, but Kanye never made a single out of my favorite album track, “Robocop,” the one named after the best movie ever made. (Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop is the best movie ever made. Ask somebody.) But it turns out that Kanye did make a “Robocop” video; it just didn’t meet his exacting standards. Shiran Barbee, who did some CGI modeling for the video, leaked a very short clip of it on Instagram, and it features Kanye’s then-girlfriend Amber Rose as some sort of anthropomorphic doll. Watch it below.

(via XXL)

That subtle mullet was so great.

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