Peter Frampton Tosses Front Row Jerk’s Cameraphone Mid-Show

A lot of bands have been anti-cellphone at their shows — so many that we made a list — but Peter Frampton took it to a new level at his show at Carmel, Indiana’s Palladium Theater on Sunday. According to OnStage Magazine (via Spin), the guitarist took a front row audience member’s phone and threw it backstage. Based on reviews of the concert that Frampton posted to his Facebook page, a lot of people were annoyed with a couple’s behavior in the front row. The man had a phone, his female companion had a camera, and they both began taking pictures with flash and recording video of the performance. Eventually Frampton motioned to them to stop and even played with his back to them. The guy responded by giving Frampton the finger. Then, after “Do You Feel Like We Do,” Frampton walked up to the duo, asked if he could see the photos that they had been taking, and promptly chucked the phone backstage. According to the report, the woman continued to take photos throughout the set and tried to get Frampton’s autograph after the show. And that’s why, if you just have to take some pictures, do it during the first few songs and then put your phone away for good.

[Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty.]