Taylor Swift’s “Polaroid” Coming Next Week, Probably

Every other year for the past eight years, Taylor Swift has put out an album in the fall and it looks like this year won’t be an exception. The country-turned-pop star has been dropping hints about her new song (and presumably a new album to go along with it) via social media all week. Here’s what we think we know so far: Swift will appear on a Yahoo! livestream on Monday, August 18th at 5PM EST and she may be premiering a new single that could be called “Polaroid,” if one Buzzfeed sleuth is to be believed. Here’s how we know this:

On Monday, Swift, posted a video of her mashing the button for floor 18 in an elevator with the caption, “So here’s your first clue…”

Then she posted a picture of her phone’s lock screen as the second clue. Two things to note here are the time (5:00) and the prominent placement of a Polaroid camera.

Finally, she shared the third clue: a screencap of the Yahoo website.

Recently Swift and her record label invited a bunch of radio programmers over to her apartment. This resulted in a bunch of tweets and Instagrams of Polaroids (!) of them holding Swift’s various awards. One of the programmers, Dan Mason, tweeted out the hashtag “polaroid,” which could just be pointing out the fact that the picture is a Polaroid or … it could be a clue! (Also, let’s just take a few moments to look at Swift’s face in the picture below — she does not look happy that somebody “broke” her VMA.)

All this speculation will be over in a week’s time and we can all go to sleep soundly knowing that Swift’s follow-up to Red, which we’re looking forward to, will be on its way.

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