Watch A Trailer For Grimes’ “Go” Video

UPDATE: Here’s the official trailer for the video, featuring Grimes rocking Rodarte in the desert. She directed it with her brother Mac Boucher and it’s out next week.


Grimes’ recent single “Go,” which she originally wrote for Rihanna, maybe has started more fights than any other song to come out of the indiesphere this summer, and given that Grimes generally makes eyeball-wrecking videos for her songs, it seems safe to expect big things when the “Go” video finally drops. According to her own Twitter, Grimes has spent the past week getting high and editing the video for the song herself. Here’s what she’s written about the process: “ive also been stoned for a week strait cuz i need to be stoned to edit videos… I’ve literally got a callous on my butt from sitting down editing 20 hrs a day for a week strait haha, i hope its not permanent… YESSSSss finally finished editing the Go video after like a week of endless strife and pain, def hitting up guardians of the galaxy ahora.” Meanwhile, she’s shared a few images from the video. One of them is above, and several more are below. Also below, check out the video of Grimes, with dancing mimes, debuting the song at Governors Ball earlier this year.

Grimes - "Go" video 2

Grimes - "Go" video 3

I’m guessing we’ll see the video within the next week, but who knows with these things.