Daft Punk Release Human After All Remix Album Globally

In 2005, Daft Punk released Human After All, a blaring bonesaw of an album — one that was maligned at the time, but that went on to have a big effect on the blitzkrieging dance music that would follow, and on the duo’s own mindbending live shows. In 2006, they released a remix collection called Human After All (Remixes). But despite an all-star cast of contributors — Basement Jaxx, Soulwax, the Juan Maclean, Peaches, Digitalism, Vitalic, SebastiAn — the album was only available in Japan. But now, with no ballyhoo, the duo has made the remix collection available in the rest of the world, as Consequence Of Sound points out. The new edition of the album includes a previously unreleased “Technologic” remix from Le Knight, a side project from Daft Punk member Guy-Manuel De Homem Christo. The whole thing is out now on iTunes.

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