Hear A Low-Quality Leak Of Kanye West’s “All Day”

Hear A Low-Quality Leak Of Kanye West’s “All Day”

We don’t usually post early, low-quality leaks of singles, and this one, in particular, sounds like someone pointed an iPhone in the general direction of their stereo. But! It’s new Kanye! For about the past year, Kanye West has been discussing making a possible Born In The U.S.A. populist move with his forthcoming album after descending into darkness with last year’s Yeezus. In a recent GQ interview, Kanye talked about a new single called “All Day,” and he says that he’s talking the same sort of stuff that Jay Z usually talks on records. A version of “All Day” leaked online this morning, and it sure seems to be legit. I don’t know if it will return Kanye to pop dominance, but it’s safe to say one thing: Kanye is rapping on this thing. (Also: Justin Vernon backing vocals? Maybe?) Given Kanye’s perfectionist streak, the finished product might sound nothing like this, but it’s a promising hint of things to come. Check it out below.

“Got a middle finger long as Dikembe” is a very slick line.

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