Watch Matt Sweeney And Kurt Vile Share Guitar Techniques

Last year indie-rock journeyman Matt Sweeney (Chavez, Zwan, Superwolf, etc.) started hosting an online show called Guitar Moves on Noisey in which he interviewed great guitarists about playing guitar; we posted his interview with St. Vincent. It was a great, head-slappingly simple concept, and it lives on. Guitar Moves seems to have been reborn as Guitar Power and is now a joint production of the guitar string company D’Addario and Rolling Stone. The latest installment finds Sweeney chatting with Kurt Vile about bluegrass, John Fahey, Bob Dylan, and why Vile gravitated to playing guitar from skateboarding (an anecdote that basically mirrors my eighth-grade existence). It’s engaging as hell, so dive into it below.

Oh, to hear Vile’s coffeehouse hit “Skate Bitch.”