Watch Arcade Fire Mime Loverboy’s “Working For The Weekend” & Cover Feist’s “I Feel It All” In Calgary

On their most recent tour, Arcade Fire have been covering some locally significant song in just about every city they visit; it’s how they ended up covering Huey Lewis & The News’ “Back In Time” earlier this week. Last night, the band treated the crowd in the Canadian city of Alberta to two such covers — or one and a half, anyway. They started out their encore by letting their giant-bobblehead alter-egos mime along to “Working For The Weekend,” the monster 1981 cheese-rock hit from the Calgary band Loverboy. And when that was done, they took on former Calgary resident Feist’s “I Feel It All,” transitioning straight from that into their own “Here Comes The Night Time.” You can’t see too much in the fan-made video below, but the audio is pretty clear. Check it out.

Arcade Fire’s Reflektor is, of course, out now on Merge.

[Photo via Getty Images]