Woman’s Hour – “In Stillness We Remain” Video

London-based swoon-pop quartet Woman’s Hour credit their name to a popular BBC Radio 4 news and culture show geared toward women, which makes sense. Their music is distinctively pretty and gentle, but weighted with deep emotion. The video for “In Stillness We Remain,” from the band’s latest album, Conversations, is the first we’ve seen from the band that hasn’t been black-and-white (check out those for “Conversations” and “Her Ghost“), though I can’t say it’s too vibrant when it comes to color palette. The pastel filter works though, as the video features an endearingly choreographed middle-school dance session blending elements of ballet and cheerleading, performed by adorably stoic kids and scored by frontwoman Fiona Burgess’ sweetly lilting soprano. It’s chicken soup for the ears. Watch down yonder.

Conversations is out now on Secretly Canadian.

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