Taiwanese Animators Explain Firing Of Kanye’s DJ As Only They Can

Earlier this week we got word that Kanye West fired his touring DJ, likely due to his frequent fuck ups. Now we’ve been given the full scoop by the same Taiwanese new station that brought the animated new story of Daft Punk’s Grammy win. In the exposé we learn Kanye fired Mano for “being too awesome” and had been growing increasingly frustrated with the DJ’s roguish highjinks which included texting during shows, replacing himself with a comically huge iPod, and constantly sifting through DJing For Dummys. At times Kanye grew so frustrated that his head exploded, while other times everything except his head exploded, leaving a floating Margiela mask-covered head that was likely even more frustrated than pre-explosion. The situation finally hit critical when Mano was caught sleeping, at which point West burst into flames and attacked him in a fight on a giant rotating turntable. Watch the story below and explain to us why TomoNews hasn’t been given a Pulitzer.

(via MissInfo)

Last weekend Chris and I saw Kanye perform with Mike Dean filling in for Mano at Outside Lands and had a debate about the set’s merits. Read that here.

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