Jen Wood – “Run With The Wild Ones” (Stereogum Premiere)

Seattle singer-songwriter Jen Wood is best known for duetting with Ben Gibbard on the Postal Service’s “Nothing Better,” but she’s maintained a long and fruitful solo career as well as teaming with the likes of Joan Of Arc and Black Heart Procession. Her latest album, Wilderness, is coming this fall. Lead single “Run With The Wild Ones” is a sweeping, shoot-for-the-rafters sort of song that smartly blends electronic and organic elements in a way that reminds me of Band Of Horses gone chiptune. All that bombast is in service of Wood’s sentimental story about embracing a lifestyle that once seemed compatible with her feminist background. She offered a statement with further explanation:

I wrote this song shortly after getting married. I was struggling to find my new identity, becoming a part of a new family and a totally new culture. I did this very “normal” and socially acceptable thing (marriage), and I found myself literally tying on an apron and becoming a homemaker. I was enjoying all of these super domestic things, and that was weird to realize — especially coming from a culture of feminism. For so long I just ran wild and free — nothing tied me down. In this song I wanted to acknowledge this hugely profound internal shift that happened in me; I was exposed to a side of life that I’d never known, and to me, it was very much like learning a foreign language, like seeing the world with brand new eyes. It was terrifying, beautiful and confusing all at the same time. Although I’ve been profoundly changed by these experiences, there’s still a part of me that will never conform to any mold. This song is for the rebels, the thinkers, the outsiders and the misunderstood: the wild ones.

Listen to “Run With The Wild Ones” below.

Wilderness is out 10/14 on New Granada for CD and Wood’s own Radar Light Records for vinyl. Pre-order it here.