Watch Nurse Hopper’s Creepy Video From Jack White’s Immersive Medical-Themed Concert

Back in July, Jack White had a shitload of fun putting on a secret show in London built like a piece of interactive theater (and done in collaboration with the acting company that does Sleep No More, that interactive-theater thing everyone has been telling me to see since I moved to New York). It played around with the theme of lazarettos, which were basically leper colonies. Those shows were originally hinted at by a fake pharmaceutical company called Vescovo (who still have their website up here), and now a new video has come out teasing more.

Uploaded onto Youtube by one N Hopper, the new clip is titled “The Truth About Vescovo” and it comes with the unsettling message: “I am Nurse Nancy Hopper, the last survivor of the outbreak at Vescovo & Co’s London clinic. I don’t have long left but wanted you to know the truth. This is the only footage I could salvage from that night.” Watch the video and you’ll get some supremely creepy footage, a few clips of Jack White performing, and then a few more clips of Jack White apparently succumbing to the “outbreak” and being pulled away as he convulses. Watch it below if you feel like being spooked.

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