Watch Talib Kweli Go Off On CNN’s Don Lemon During Ferguson Interview

In the past week and a half, plenty of artists have had plenty to say about the tragic killing of Michael Brown and the clashes between police and protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. Talib Kweli has been there for a few days, and earlier today, he became the latest to appear on CNN, speaking with Don Lemon, the network’s face on the ground and the target of many who feel that the network’s coverage is too soft on police. During his seven-minute interview with Lemon, Kweli started out by saying that Twitter has been doing a better job covering the protests than the mainstream media has, and when Lemon tried to step in to defend CNN’s coverage, Kweli went off on him. Kweli wasn’t a dick about it, and he stayed controlled and incisive the whole time, but he called out Lemon on everything from the wording of the articles on CNN’s website to Lemon’s own interview demeanor. Check it out below.

That’s the most I’ve enjoyed Kweli since the “Get By” remix.

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