Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

The Reflektors are in town for a few shows at Barclays Center, so we asked you to tell us (and them) which Brooklyn act they should cover. Most likely they’ll do Velvet Underground or Talking Heads or some other band more closely associated with Manhattan, which is allowed (I GUESS), but we gave you ten exclusively Brooklyn options from which to choose. Since the first Arcade Fire show starts in a few hours, here’s the final tally…

Would’ve pegged more of you as Neil Diamond fans. Also we forgot to include the Fat Boys. But thanks for voting! I’m gonna email this page to Win Butler right now. Your best and worst comments are below. Let’s meet back here Sunday for the VMAs.


#10 marko | Aug 18th Score:28

But the monogenre is the sound of the future!

Well that or KIX.

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#9 Scott Lapatine | Aug 18th Score:29

You missed this:

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#8 ifeelpretty | Aug 18th Score:30

They are both in 4/4 in the Key of F and hit some of the same notes. To me thats not much of a similarity.
The Tame Impala song is F – C – Gm and the Argentinean one is F – Bb – C. Those might look similar on paper but the feel is totally different. Ending on that Gm (the ii of the key) gives the Tame song a beautiful sense of longing and unrest. The other one lacks that because it’s based on the 3 major chords in a key absolutely no emotional unease/conflict (can be generally a great thing too, see every Ramones song). Put one of these in a different key and the similarities would vanish.

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#7 crania americana | Aug 18th Score:30

Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs, and some people write silly love songs about fucking someone hard on the sink whilst avoiding sullying expensive furs with semen. The point is: it’s not about the specifics, it’s about the love; and that’s why this collaboration makes sense.

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#6 Spikelee3000 | Aug 18th Score:31

Not similar enough to warrant any legal action whatsoever. But to his credit, that Pablito guy knows how to rock a popped collar.

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#5 mickrandom26 | Aug 18th Score:31

Are those tour dates for Pablo Ruiz? Asking for a friend…

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Matthew Marvin Lingo | Aug 18th Score:36

dude no no no do not compare this to Yeezus

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#3 rejectedjeffdunhampuppet | Aug 19th Score:37

Why buy anything when you can just tape stuff off the radio?

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Clifton Montgomery | Aug 19th Score:44

I’m really getting tired of Black artists complaining about other races “perpetuating”, “stealing” (or whatever) Black culture, Hip-Hop culture, etc. We don’t own it! The minute we started doing the same things Taylor Swift was trying (and failing) to do in her video in our OWN videos, for PROFIT, for FAME, for EXPOSURE we gave up the rights to it. What, its ok if a Black artist twerks in a video, or has on gaudy-ass gold earrings and necklaces simply because they’re Black? NOPE. Taylor Swift is not trying to steal or perpetuate anything. Hell, seems to me she’s trying to say ‘Sorry, this just ain’t me! I’m just an uncoordinated White chick. Deal with it.”

Oh, and it is possible to like certain things in a culture but be afraid of some of its people. This all or nothing mentality is just ridiculous.

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Shawn Douglas | Aug 18th Score:-10

Bad Stereogum! No biscuit. Create exaggerated headline, presumably to get more page views. A more responsible headline would say roughly “Aphex Twin Teases Potential New Album SYRO Via Deep Web”.

News is exciting. Information is encouraging, especially if there is a Warp Records link. Headline is misleading; this is NOT an official release announcement.

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Conner Oburst | Aug 15th Score:-11

as in only homos would like it

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#3 boozm | Aug 20th Score:-12

“Britt Daniel loves Chipotle, and dammit, so do I. Chipotle.” – Ok that last sentence wasn’t there, but it may as well have been.

The article seems to start after the embedded video.

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#2 eighteenk | Aug 20th Score:-13

Is this fucking sponsored by Chipotle or something?

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#1 miss_merboy | Aug 15th Score:-28

dude is straight, white (boy is he EVER white, you can not get any more white than michael cera), cisgender, and rich. you know who would have more interesting things to say artistically? LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE. i’m not saying he couldn’t release this wet fart of an album, i’m just saying it distracts from other people who, you know, deserve attention.

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lcwyhf | Aug 20th Score:4

I hope this gets editor’s choice, I don’t think any comment this week can even come close…

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