Blood Sister – “Paralysis” (Stereogum Premiere)

Blood Sister – “Paralysis” (Stereogum Premiere)

Ezana Edwards used to rock in the Brooklyn lo-fi garage band Night Manager, but since that group’s dispersal he’s moved to San Francisco, started a solo project called Blood Sister, and recruited a live band featuring members of Ganglians, The Mallard, and Warm Soda. Blood Sister’s self-titled debut, recorded entirely by Edwards, arrives about a month from now. Lead single “Paralysis” lives up to the project’s stated goal of being as loud as possible at all times. It’s an intense yet sugary guitar rager with a crystalline gleam that clatters with an industrial edge. Gnarly guitar solos and crunchy power chords intermingle with eerie keyboard lines and a violent drum part to blistering effect. Hear it below.

Blood Sister is out 9/30 on Bloodmoss. Pre-order it here in digital and cassette formats.

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