Watch The First Cabaret Voltaire Performance In Over 20 Years

The British trio Cabaret Voltaire started in the early ’70s as a sort of performance art group, and over the late ’70s and early ’80s, they helped pioneer industrial music and laid the groundwork for about a half-dozen electronic music genres to come. The group more or less ceased to be in the early ’90s, but this past weekend, the Berlin Atonal festival hosted the first Cabaret Voltaire live show in over 20 years. This time around, the group was represented entirely by the founding member Richard H. Kirk, who played solo, assembling electronic tracks in front of a huge video projection. Below, watch fan-made video of the entire 24-minute set.

The whole “billed as a band but there’s only one original member” thing generally looks specious, but when you’re dealing with a conceptual project like Cabaret Voltaire, it sort of makes sense, doesn’t it?