Esben And The Witch – “Dig Your Fingers In” Video

The British postpunk trio Esben And The Witch released a split with Thought Forms earlier this year, and they’ll follow it up next month with the new album A New Nature. This is the band’s first album since they parted ways with Matador, and they recorded it live to tape in Chicago with Steve Albini, which is really never a bad idea. First single “Dig Your Fingers In” is a sparse, eerie, gothic song that really drops the hammer near the end. Its new video, from director Sim Warren, is a single shot that charts the course of a hooded figure across an autumnal landscape. There’s a really nice moment toward the end when the song kicks in and the video finds a way to reflect it. Watch the video below.

A New Nature is out 9/8 on the band’s own Nostromo label.