Stream Swet Shop Boys Swet Shop EP

Stream Swet Shop Boys Swet Shop EP

When I spoke with Heems over the winter, he mentioned an upcoming EP with British actor Riz Ahmed (AKA Riz MC) under the name Sweatshop Boys. Turns out they’re spelling it Swet Shop Boys (pun), and their Swet Shop EP is out in the world now. Here’s what Heems had to say about it back in March:

My being a New Yorker of Indian descent and his being a Londoner of Pakistani descent kind of just connects the dots in a certain way. Historically this is two countries and two groups of people who have never gotten along. It was just a cool idea for us to come together. My being Punjabi, my parents and my family were products of partition. Our grandparents had to leave Pakistan, leave everything behind and move to India when we gained independence in 1947. I’ve always had a place for Pakistan in my heart, so it’s cool to work with someone like him that’s extremely intelligent and motivated by some of same interests and inspired by some of the same things — like Koli, Urdu and Hindi language, Sufi poetry and stuff like that, and rap.

Hear the full four-song EP below along with videos for the Ryan Hemsworth-produced “Benny Lava” and the Trooki production “Batalvi.”

(via The Fader)

Swet Shop EP is a Greedhead release, though there’s no album cover or any sign that you can purchase or download it.

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