Christopher Owens – “Never Wanna See That Look Again”

The former Girls frontman Christopher Owens is now a month away from releasing A New Testament, his second solo album, and we already know two big, important things about the album. We know that it has Owens playing around, even more than usual, with ancestral American-music forms like country and gospel. And we know that, with recent singles like “It Comes Back To You” and “Stephen” and “Nothing More Than Everything To Me,” he’s back to showing some of the fragile grace and power he had when he was with his old band. “Never Wanna See That Look Again,” the latest song he’s shared, isn’t as heavy as something like “Stephen,” but it’s a charming and breezy piece of old-school popcraft. It leaves me thinking of the Everly Brothers, which is a good thing. Listen to it below.

A New Testament is out 9/30.