Stars – “Turn It Up”

The second song that Stars has shared from their new album No One Is Lost is a stark contrast from the first. While “From The Night” was a thumping roller rink anthem, “Turn It Up” turns in the glittering synths for something more low-key. Most of the song consists of the trademark back-and-forth vocals from Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan, trading lines over simple guitar strumming that slowly expands into something a little more full-bodied. The band recruited a children’s choir to accompany a lot of Millan’s lines, giving the song a back-to-school feeling. The youthfulness of the track makes sense because the song is their most straight-forward homage to the high school years yet, going full-in on the nostalgia that they touched on in earlier songs like “Reunion” and “14 Forever.” Stars have always shared some similarities with fellow Canadian band Metric, mostly because they travel in the same circles, but that comparison is stronger than ever here — “Turn It Up” sounds a lot like a less dramatic version of Fantasies-era Emily Haines. Listen below and read some words from the band about the song.

The first day of school carries the fear, the thrill, the nerves and the new. Summer evaporates into hallways, lockers and knapsacks. Chances for gangs and that perfect crush. Hope you had a good one today kids. If you did, if you didn’t, close your eyes get your headphones on, lie on the floor and open your heart to September. No one is lost… turn it up….

“Turn It Up” is available as a free download in exchange for an e-mail address here. No One Is Lost is out 10/14 on ATO Records.

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