King Tuff – “Danger In The Dark” (Prod. Harry Fraud)

In a couple of weeks, King Tuff will release Black Moon Spell, an album full of rip-snorting, glammed-up garage-rock tantrums, “Eyes Of The Muse” and “Black Moon Spell” among them. Tuff’s new song “Danger In The Dark” is not one of those songs. Instead, the new track is a corporate-sponsored affair, part of a new Captain Morgan campaign called the Tavern Series. (A press release says something about the song bringing “Captain Morgan’s pirate spirit alive with a modern swagger.”) It’s hard not to wince when reading copy like that, but that corporate money can do good things, and it’s done good things here. Specifically, it’s brought Tuff together with the New York rap producer Harry Fraud, whose psychedelic boom-bap has been a big part of the city’s rap underground lately. On “Danger In The Dark,” Fraud brings the spaced-out spaghetti-western sound he’s brought to rappers like Action Bronson lately, and it turns out to fit Tuff’s snotty psychedelia beautifully. Listen to the song below.

Black Moon Spell is out 9/23 on Sub Pop.