Roomrunner – “Chrono Trigger”

Roomrunner spent most of last year touring their recent album, Ideal Cities, and playing some ferocious live shows (the one I reviewed for this site left me with a broken pair of glasses and a huge grin on my face), but now they’ve taken a bit of a break from that. They worked on a short EP, Separate, and based on the title of this new single, they’ve also been playing some video games. Chrono Trigger, if you weren’t much of a video game player in the ’90s (or maybe you were just a Sega kid…), was one of the crowning achievements of its time. It was the result of a moment near the end of the 16-bit era when some of the best minds in the Japanese industry, even some from rival companies, put aside their differences and worked together to create something perfect. This thing hits its 20-year anniversary next spring and still feels ahead of time. I could fill this space many, many times over with my thoughts on all the levels of genius inside the game, but that would just distract from one of the catchiest songs we’ve heard from Roomrunner yet. Listen to it below. (Then go play Chrono Trigger.)

Separate is out 10/21 via Accidental Guest.

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