Cult Of Youth – “Empty Faction” (Stereogum Premiere)

Two years ago, almost to the day, Brooklyn goth-punk ritualists Cult Of Youth released their Love Will Prevail album, and it was great. And now they’ve announced that they’ll follow it up with a new LP called Final Days, coming later this fall. This time around, they’re a full band, rather than just frontman Sean Ragon plus revolving collaborators. The band is calling this new one a “post-industrial Pet Sounds,” a difficult idea to even wrap your mind around. Ragon reportedly wrote some of his lyrics while in jail, and the band used actual human bones as percussion. First single “Empty Faction” is a feral, claustrophobic barnstormer, one that sounds like what might’ve happened if Crass had attempted to sound like the Birthday Party back in 1983. It’s awesome. Below, listen to the song and observe the album’s tracklist.

01 “Todestrieb” *
02 “Dragon Rouge”
03 “Empty Faction”
04 “God’s Garden”
05 “Down The Moon”
06 “Of Amber”
07 “No Regression”
08 “Sanctuary”
09 “Roses”

* CD only

Final Days is out 11/11 on Sacred Bones.