Conor Oberst – “Common Knowledge” Video

“Do you have any regrets?” asks a female interviewer at the outset of Conor Oberst’s “Common Knowledge” video. His reply? “Of course. Lots of regrets. But it doesn’t really matter now.” They banter for a while longer until the Upside Down Mountain track kicks in. David Altobelli’s black-and-white clip then tracks Oberst hanging out in a lonely apartment, messing with a box of Upside Down Mountain LPs, cutting his own hair, and chugging what appears to be liquor then smashing a bottle. There are also scenes of Oberst kicking it in the city with friends on a rainy day. It’s a weary, whispery portrait to go along with one of Oberst’s better sad-eyed ballads of late. Watch below.

Upside Down Mountain is out now on Nonesuch.