Fucked Up – “The Art Of Patrons” Video

“The Art Of Patrons” is one of many songs on Fucked Up’s fantastic Glass Boys that deals with the ideological whiplash of staying punk while growing old and getting famous. As explained in Tom’s great Fucked Up profile, one of the complicating factors rattling around Damian Abraham’s consciousness is his status as a family man, a guy who has beloved children to provide for. He’s spoken in other interviews about his ambivalence about traveling halfway around the world to step on stage with a hero like J Mascis, how being a rock star can be both a life-affirming thrill and a life-complicating obstacle to being a present father. Andy Capper and Mike Haliechuk’s video for “Art Of Patrons” captures this essence, showing a series of images from life on tour followed by Abraham’s heartwarming homecoming. It’s a great video, so watch it below.

Glass Boys is out now on Matador.