Watch No Cameras Allowed, The Documentary About A Photographer Who Snuck Into Dozens Of Music Festivals

James Marcus Haney made a name for himself by sneaking into music festivals disguised as press and taking photos. His first time doing so was at Coachella 2010, when he ended up on stage with festival headliner Muse. He caught the bug after that, crashing festivals like Bonnaroo, Ultra, Austin City Limits, and Glastonbury. Eventually, he moved over to becoming an official photographer — he was given passes to Bonnaroo the year following his Coachella stunt and was invited on tour to photograph Mumford & Sons. He began editing footage together that he took from the festivals and realized that he could create a movie that documented his experiences of sneaking in. After making a pitch trailer, he made the Hollywood rounds. “I met with some of my heroes. Spike Jonze sat down with me three different times, gave me notes,” he told The Los Angeles Times in a profile. “Judd Apatow sat down with me and gave me notes. So many people were interested very early on and gave me incredible help.” At the end of August, his film, No Cameras Allowed, debuted on MTV, and now you can watch the whole thing below.