Trolly Ariel Pink Defends Misogynistic Comments, Loves The Westboro Baptist Church

Ariel Pink has a new album coming out, which means Ariel Pink is going to be giving more interviews and thus saying more weird things. Earlier this summer, on an online talk show, Pink told a story about being “maced by a feminist.” According to Pink, he got into an argument with a date, telling the girl to “shut your mouth, little girl, respect your elders and fucking get out of here.” The girl responded by macing him and scratching up his car. And when asked about it in a new Pitchfork interview, Pink basically defends his own right to be a misogynist asshole and then goes on a long, strange rant about how people are free to be obnoxious. He finally ends up expressing “love” for the famously loathsome Westboro Baptist Church. Here are the highlights.

On his own misogyny:

Were [people] upset for me, because I got maced? I don’t even remember what I said, but that was right after [the macing incident] happened, so you’ll have to excuse any misogynistic feelings I might have had. It was just my victim mentality kicking in—I’m going to get trolled for saying that. But the funny thing is, nobody came to my defense. And I don’t expect them to. I got over that. I could be an asshole, and that’s my right. People need to get over that. It’s not illegal to be an asshole. It’s not illegal to be racist, even. It’s not illegal to do anything.

You have to deal with other people’s bullshit, man. You live in this world, and we kill people. Humans kill people. Men kill people. Nitpicking about ideologies and all that kind of stuff is silliness. There are bigger fish to fry. We’re a very privileged culture. Everybody wants to have their sob story acknowledged. I lead a pretty healthy life, in terms of mental peace of mind—I don’t have many problems with myself, and I don’t have too many issues with other people either. So people just need to have a sense of humor and not take things so seriously…

Everybody’s so cynical, and I don’t feel that way at all. If anything, I’m always the underdog. I may as well be a girl, OK? When I walk down the street at night, I’m no less vulnerable or scared than a girl. And you can find the statistics that say there are more rapes on men in the United States in every single year than on women—but I’m not going to go there because that’s bullshit too.

On the Westboro Baptist Church:

Like, you guys can burn me on the stake for being an asshole. I’ll be the biggest asshole, the biggest troll. I love the Westboro Baptist Church, because I love being able to remind people that this a country where you can say, “You’re going to go to hell,” and you won’t go to jail. People hate that. They hate that these people are allowed to do what they’re doing, but they’re just exercising their free speech, and it doesn’t hurt you. They’re just inciting. They’re trying to play into your weaknesses, and they’re doing it very well, because they’re going to get your revenge fantasy on them. And you’ll do it carelessly without any remorse, because you didn’t get the right message from the lesson, and because everybody’s just getting lost in the fucking giant miasma of opinions, and there’s no sense to be made out of them.

That’s me: Rush Limbaugh Pink.

Pink’s new album pom pom is out 11/18 on 4AD. You must be really excited to buy it now.

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