Sinkane – “How We Be” Video

There aren’t too many joys in the world simpler or more basic than watching people who are really, really good at dancing. And that’s what makes the video for “How We Be,” the ebullient new soul song from the former indie rock hired hand Sinkane, such a blast. The whole video idea for the video is about as basic as it gets: It’s footage of dancers — ballet dancers, breakdancers, a step team — throwing down in various outdoor New York locations. But these people are really good at dancing. The video is put together beautifully, and it fits the song with a sort of effortless grace. After watching it, I’m immediately in a better mood; it’s that type of video. Nick Bentgen directed it, and you can watch it below.

(via Buzzfeed)

Sinkane’s new album Mean Love is out now on DFA.