Foo Fighters Confirm Ben Gibbard On Sonic Highways, Play UK Club Gigs As The Holy Shits

The Foo Fighters’ new album Sonic Highways comes out in November and more details are starting to emerge about some of the featured guests that the band picked up in their tour around the country. In an interview with NME, bassist Nate Mendel confirmed that Ben Gibbard from Death Cab For Cutie (who made a cameo in a recent trailer for the HBO show about the album) and Joe Walsh from the Eagles both contributed to the album. As for how the album will sound? “They’re fairly straight forward Foo Fighters songs and almost every one of them takes a left turn and goes off on some psychic odyssey with guest musicians in the middle,” Mendel said. “There are a few elements that are looser than traditional Foo Fighters moments.” Other artists who made a cameo in the trailer were Ian MacKaye, Steve Albini, Dolly Parton, LL Cool J, Willie Nelson, Pharrell, and Macklemore, though there’s no word yet about who will actually show up on the album.

The band has also started playing a series of small UK club gigs under the name the Holy Shits this week. They’ve played in Brighton already, will play London on 9/11, and are scheduled to play one more in an undisclosed location.

Sonic Highways, the album, comes out out 11/10 on Rosell/RCA. Sonic Highways, the TV show, starts 10/17 on HBO.