Watch David Letterman Bring Ryan Adams Back For An Encore

Here’s something I’ve never seen on a late-night show before: A host who likes the musical guest so much that he forces said guest to play the exact same song a second time, like he was hitting repeat on his iTunes. That happened last night. Ryan Adams was on the Late Show With David Letterman looking exceptionally ratty and wearing that same denim jacket. He sang “Gimme Something Good,” the first single and leadoff track from his new self-titled album. Letterman liked the performance that he pretty much just said, “Do more of that.” Adams obliged. So below, watch Adams play “Gimme Something Good,” and then watch him play a few seconds of “Gimme Something Good again.”

Does Letterman have a history of doing this that I just don’t know about? Either way, Ryan Adams is out now on Pax-Am/Blue Note.