Kenny G Is An Obsessive Stock Trader

If you’ve ever idly wondered what Kenny G is up to these days, besides making random Super Bowl commercial cameos every once in a while and making friends with Weezer, here is your answer: He is sitting on his laptop early in the morning and playing around with his vast piles of money. The man became an unlikely superstar in the early ’90s, a time when people actually routinely paid for music, which means he has plenty in the bank to dick around with. And according to a new Reuters profile, Kenny has been using that stockpile to play around with the market and obsessively day-trade. The Seattle-based musician was an early investor in Starbucks, and he claims that he’s made as much money from stocks as he has from music in the past decade, which raises so many questions. Like: Is Kenny G still making money from music? Who is still buying his records? Are there still grandmothers who think you would enjoy getting Breathless as a Christmas present? And finally: If I spent as much brainpower on thinking about the stock market as I do on goofy shit like talking about what Kenny G is doing now, would I have Kenny G money to play around with?

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