Check Out The Panda Bear Vs Grim Reaper Mixtape And Some Potential Album Covers

We’ve long heard tell of a new Panda Bear album tentatively titled Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper. Now it’s looking like the actual title is Panda Bear Vs Grim Reaper — at least that’s what’s implied by PBVSGR, a new website where you can stream a new mixtape assembled by Noah Lennox himself. There is at least one snippet of what sounds like new Panda Bear music as well as a bunch of other stuff; one Shazam search turned up a Moodyman song remixed by Laidback Luke. It’s certainly in the headspace we’ve come to expect from Animal Collective’s own Paul McCartney. Check the SoundCloud below or click here and scroll down past the psychedelic imagery (which looks pretty similar to the projections from his live show) to hear all the hottest tracks.

One industrious Reddit user, meanwhile, has been generating funny “potential album covers” for the project that are actually just Panda-Bear-themed parodies of some prominent recent album art by Lorde, Deafheaven, Kanye West, and others. Click through the gallery above and be amused.

UPDATE: Here’s a cool graphic for the mix. It’s not the album cover, though.

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