New Broadcast: “America’s Boy”

Since we’re getting antsy for Warp sounds, let’s take a listen to the new Broadcast 7″ (already OOP apparently).

Broadcast – “America’s Boy” (MP3)

Scott from OM says this is certainly not the best song of the album, but I’m digging it.

Broadcaster Trish Keenan explains the inspiration behind the song:

The lyrics to “America’s Boy” were generated by my reactions to a tabloid cryptic crossword. The clues were topically about the war in Iraq, and in general, their stance was one of anti-American occupation.

In my frustration at not being able to decipher the clues, I began to react to them, make up my own answers, mimicking back the language of the clues. I was interested then in possible answers. I got on a roll arguing with the clues, asking questions back, taking offence to them and deliberately misreading them. What came back was a sort of celebration of the American soldier. Snap shots of the heroics of American Imperialism, the all out impressiveness of its big achievements. Also something that the British do not have in their culture, a self celebratory nature of Americans towards their own country.

Tender Buttonss drops 9/19.

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