You’ll Never Guess How Tyler, The Creator Feels About U2’s Apple Stunt

It’s pretty brave to come out against the new U2 album that was dropped onto everyone’s computer last week, considering all the unanimous praise it’s gotten. (Well…) Leave it to Tyler, The Creator to go against the grain: “GET OFF MY FUCKING PHONE. YOU COULDNT COME UP WITH AN ACTUAL MARKETING IDEA? FUCK @U2 I DONT WANT YOU. FUCK BONO. I DIDNT ASK FOR YOU IM MAD,” he tweeted last night. He goes on to compare getting the U2 album to “waking up with a pimple or like a herpes,” then backtracks a little bit and says that it’s “kinda sick that they are on peoples phone out of no where” before ending his rant with “Bono is fucking awesome got damn.” Read all of his thoughts below.

[Photo by Karl Walter/Getty.]