Watch David Letterman Taunt The Eagles’ Lawyers

After talking up tonight’s Eagles/Jim Dolan concert at Madison Square Garden on yesterday’s Late Show, David Letterman asked bandleader Paul Shaffer to play some Eagles music to celebrate. But after he was told they wouldn’t allow it, he decided to mess with the notoriously litigious classic rockers and make a big deal out of it. Apparently, when producers asked the “licensing people” in charge of the Eagles’ catalog if the CBS Orchestra could perform some of their music, they said no: “I don’t think they make exceptions,” a producer said. “They have a flat ‘no’ policy for television.” Some back-and-forth between Letterman and behind-the-scenes workers goes on and Letterman asks, “So if we play an Eagles song, we’d get sued, correct?” After discussing it for five minutes, he concludes, “You know what? I’m not that interested anymore.” Watch the whole exchange below.