Stream GOAT Commune

The Swedish band GOAT make a wild and percussive form of psychedelic rock that draws its rhythmic influences from far and wide: Afrobeat! Disco! Stoner-metal! Go-go! If you ever get a chance to see them live, for the love of god, do so. They wear masks and jump around and turn an acid-rock rave-up into a tribal ritual, and it’s quite a thing to witness. But their records are nearly as lively and strange and exciting as those shows. Their 2012 debut World Music was a total monster that resisted any kind of categorization with unmatched fervor. They’re about to follow it up with the sophomore LP Commune, which just slightly smooths out that first album’s rough edges but which plays like a 39-minute feral whoop anyway. We posted the early track “Hide From The Sun,” and you really need to hear the whole album. And fortuitously enough, the whole thing is streaming at NPR.

Commune is out 9/23 on Sub Pop.

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