Nicholas Krgovich – “City Of Night” & “Along The PCH On Oscar Night (Nite Jewel Remix)”

We premiered Nicholas Krgovich’s soft-rock-meets-indie-rock gem “Along The PCH On Oscar Night” and praised the “gawky charisma” of its video. Now here’s longtime collaborator Nite Jewel’s remix, which transports the track from Pacific coast highways to the upper reaches of the clouds. Meanwhile, Krgovich also recently shared a second track from his upcoming album On Sunset. If his Instagram wasn’t proof enough, the sax-laden swoon “City Of Night” affirms that this guy is a dedicated fan of Sade and soft rock. Check out “City Of Night” and the Nite Jewel remix below, where you’ll also find Krgovich and Nite Jewel’s old cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You” for good measure.

On Sunset is out 9/23 on NK World Service/Tin Angel.