JUNGLE. – “The Heat (Joy Orbison Remix)”

JUNGLE. spent the first half of this year building momentum that climaxed with the release of their debut album in July. Now they’re poised to ride out the second half of 2014 inviting other artists to remix the songs on that album. And just as this group knows how to write a tune and pick excellent directors for videos, they also really know which remixers to work with. Joy Orbison first appeared in 2009 with “Hyph Mngo,” one of the great dance tracks of the last decade and one of the strongest debut singles of this generation. Since then, Joy O has worked steadily, but releases on average maybe one single a year. Simply put, it’s a big deal when you see his name on anything, and here he takes the light, playful funk of “The Heat” and morphs it into a tight, razor-sharp rhythm workout. Listen to it below, it’s a rare and incredible thing.

JUNGLE.’s self-titled debut is out now via XL.