Watch The Previously Untold True Story Of David Bowie, Brian Eno, & Tony Visconti Recording “Warszawa”

Low is certainly one of David Bowie’s very best albums, but when it comes to backstory, no other album compares. As covered in Hugo Wilcken’s reverent 33 1/3 book, the thing was recorded when Bowie was at his creative peak and his mental/emotional bottom. Each track has its own amazing story, and among the most interesting is the one behind “Warszawa,” now the subject of a cartoon by the Brothers McLeod. What you see here is factually accurate, even though it seems pretty silly — Bowie and Eno really did come up with ideas through random chance cards, Visconti described the Eventide H910 Harmonizer (an early pitch shifter) as “fucking with the fabric of time,” and he really did do more than people think to make that album what it eventually became. The story is told here by voice actor Adam Buxton with a wonderful tongue-in-cheek humor. If they made a video for each Low track, it would be an incredible documentary (seriously guys, do a Kickstarter or something). In the meantime watch the video below.

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