Hear Another New James Blake Song Premiered On BBC Radio 1

Lately, James Blake has been doing regular DJ sets on BBC’s Radio 1, which we can add to the long lists of reasons that living in America is stupid and that we should all be in England instead. Blake has been using those shows, in part, to debut new songs. Blake’s most recent set was last night, and it included a whole lot of good music. It also had Blake interviewing Connan Mockasin and playing a remix that mashed UGK’s OutKast collab “Int’l Players Anthem” up with is own Airhead collab “Pembroke.” And he also played an untitled instrumental track of his own, a foggy low-key dance number that sounded something like an itchier Burial. The track plays near the 1:51 mark of the show, and you can stream the whole thing here.

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