Watch Tegan And Sara Play Conan With An Adorable Kids’ Choir

Tegan And Sara’s ascent to genuine pop stardom has been one of the most feelgood stories in music in the past few years, partly because they’re great and partly because they seem like lovely human beings. Case in point: When they sang their heartbreak ballad “I Was A Fool” on Conan last night, they brought a group of adorable kids with them. The choir from Los Angeles’ Grand Arts High School helped out on the song and actually brought something new to it, and now those kids will have a story to tell for years. Check it out below.

Tegan And Sara’s great album Heartthrob is out now on Warner Bros. Also, that photo above is a good opportunity to point out that I played the taller version of Conan in a music video once. That is the type of motherfucker you are dealing with here. A tall one.