Laura Jane Grace Slams Ex-Against Me!/New Slipknot Drummer

Laura Jane Grace has responded to rumors that ex-Against Me! member Jay Weinberg has joined Slipknot as their newest drummer. “Dear Slipknot, good luck with that. #shitbag,” she said, kicking off a series of tweets about the former drummer. Weinberg announced that he was leaving the band in a tweet during the 2012 recording sessions for Transgender Dysphoria Blues, shortly after Grace opened up about her transition in an interview with Rolling Stone. Here’s what Grace had to say on Twitter:

In an interview with Spin right before Transgender Dysphoria Blues came out, Grace said that Weinberg did not tell the band he was leaving before announcing it on Twitter:

What happened with Jay? I know he was a big fan before he joined, and he always seemed so thrilled to be in the band. When I saw him play with the band, he was always mouthing the lyrics while drumming.
?To be honest, I have no idea. He never said a word. I just woke up one morning and read on Twitter that he was leaving the band.

?Never talked to him since.

Do you think he was weirded out by your transition or all the…
?I have no idea. I have no ability to hypothesize about it. You would really just have to ask him.

Weinberg has been out of the band for almost two years, but a new promotional video for the heavy metal band’s new album .5: The Grey Chapter hints that Weinberg has taken over drumming duties, though the band has not confirmed that yet.

(via NME)