Terry & Louie (Ex-Exploding Hearts) – “(I’m) Lookin’ For A Heart” & “She Loves Him”

In 2003, three of the four members of the Exploding Hearts, an enormously promising Portland power-pop band, died in a horrific van crash. Terry Six, the only surviving member of the band, has somehow kept making music since then. And now he’s teamed up with King Louie Bankston, a former Exploding Heart who’d parted ways with the band before that van crash. As a duo, Terry & Louie are gearing up to release their first 7″ single. Its A-side, “(I’m) Looking For A Heart,” is fired-up power-pop in the Exploding Hearts vein, while “She Loves Him” is a weepy oldies-radio ballad that might be even better. Both songs are thoroughly enjoyable, and you can hear them both below.

“I’m Looking For A Heart” b/w “She Loves Him” is out 9/30 on Six’s Tuff Break label.