Download Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs Comp Feat. GFOTY, Kero Kero Bonito, et aliae, & More

Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Song series is a great source for finding up-and-coming producers. Case in point: dd elle’s “Tell Me” from earlier this month. Now Hemsworth has put out a Secret Songs comp featuring new tracks from a host of artists all making songs inspired by a theme color — pink for this debut edition. Some of the highlights include the fractured “My Song” by GFOTY (who recently did a funny and wonderful virtual interview with Hemsworth), and “Flamingo,” a new track by Kero Kero Bonito whose “Cat Vs. Dog” was remixed by PC Music’s Kane West and premiered by us earlier today. What’s more exciting though are the more unrecognizable names, the artists with nothing to lose or prove who embody what makes this series so great. Check out the full compilation below.