Puro Instinct – “6 Of Swords”

Piper and Skylar Kaplan make glittery music under the moniker Puro Instinct, and they are currently hard at work on a new album. This is exciting news for a few reasons. First off, their last album, Headbangers In Ecstasy, was excellent (it made it onto our Best Albums Of 2011 So Far list). Second, they often open for and collaborate with folks like Ariel Pink and John Maus (we shot photos of them with the latter, and here’s a song they made with the former). And finally, the third — and most important — reason is sitting right below this paragraph. Their new single “6 Of Swords” is a monster of a song. It’s a dreamworld club banger flavored with just the slightest supernatural aura thanks to its Tarot-inspired hook. It’s a real shame “witch house” has already been claimed as a genre tag, because this earns that phrase. Listen to it below.

(via V Magazine)

Puro Instinct are working on their new album.