Watch Puss N Boots Get Terrible Advice From Vanessa Bayer

The latest episode of Vanessa Bayer’s Sound Advice web series sees the SNL star’s alter-ego Janessa Slater sitting down with alt-country trio Puss N Boots, which is fronted by Norah Jones. As always, the whole thing is made up of digs at the group’s members and their talent. “I’m sorry, there must be some mistake. I thought I was supposed to meet with a band, not just a bunch of groupies,” she starts off and it only gets more uncomfortable from there. Slater sings Jewel, imitates country songs, and asks bassist Catherine Popper (who has toured with Ryan Adams and Grace Potter) if she ever imagines the crowd at those concerts were cheering for her. It’s all very funny, even if you don’t care about who the band is, and you can watch below.

Past Sound Advice guests include Drake, HAIM, and Tegan And Sara.